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Monday, March 19, 2007

LA Anti-War Protest March 17, 2007

This last Saturday, an estimated 5-6000 protesters participated in an anti-war march in Hollywood. I was there marching with NCRR carrying the banner honoring First Lieutenant Ehren Watada. (3:50 minutes on the video). We had about 80 people in our group alone comprised of NCRR, and other LA Asian organizations. In front of our group we had a FANTASTIC Korean drummer group which played and danced and shouted out chants for the entire lenghth of the march route. Two of my daughters, the oldest (28) and the youngest (9)
also came that day. It was HOT in the sun, and rather windy. But the experience was AWESOME gathering with SO many people of all walks of life protesting this illegal and immoral war.
In Hollywood, you can expect to see ALL sorts of people out protesting. It takes ALL kinds of people from EVERY walk of life to join force against this war. So, the below videos are some from that day. The first is a montage (where you can see us at 3:50 minutes) the second is of the Korean drumming group (1:50 minutes into it the flags are being carried by Bayan)), and the third is of a group who decided the best way for them to demonstrate their protest, was to don macabre dirty white clothing and enact a death scene. (We were shouting Free Free Palestine with them!!) Enjoy!