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Friday, March 30, 2007

KPFK, the LA Times and others, the targets of Zionist Pressures, STAND UP!

Living in Los Angeles has it's pros and cons, but one of the DEFINITE pros is having access to KPFK, one of Pacifica Radios stations which offers MUCH needed alternative to the mainstream media. KPFK (radio) sponsors MANY events in the LA area-such as the event for Giuliana Sgrena and many of the others I have written about here on my blog. In fact that event was done as an interview on stage which was also broadcast on KPFK for all the listeners to hear who could not attend. I usually don't like using Wikipedia sources, but here is their entry on KPFK: (minus what is termed "far left" which is obviously used as a derogatory term in an attempt to discredit)

KPFK (90.7 FM) is a radio station in Los Angeles, California, United States, that serves the Greater Los Angeles Area. It can also be heard 24 hours a day via Internet webcast. It was the second of five stations in the non-commercial, listener-sponsored Pacifica Radio network. It was launched in 1959, twelve years after the Pacifica Foundation was created by pacifist Lewis Hill, and ten years after the flagship station was founded in Berkeley. KPFK also broadcasts on KPFK-FM1 along the Malibu coast and K254AH 98.7 MHz in Santa Barbara.

With its 110,000 watt main transmitter atop Mount Wilson, KPFK is one of the most powerful FM stations in the US. A second 10-watt transmitter is licensed in Isla Vista, California, a census-designated place outside of Santa Barbara. The antenna is located atop Gibraltar Peak, which gives it a range covering a large portion of coastal Santa Barbara County. Its self-proclaimed political allegiance is progressive, with some classifying it as far left.


The stations in the Pacifica network receive some funding from charitable organizations such as the Ford Foundation, but operating costs are primarily covered by listener-sponsors, as the station runs no advertisements or other commercial programming. On-air fund drives tend to occur thrice yearly, although there are occasional drives held for special circumstances. For example, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, KPFK held a fund drive to raise money for survivors of the catastrophe. Contributors to KPFK generally donate a minimum of $25 for a year-long membership, and larger donations are rewarded with DVDs, CDs, and books. For people that contribute upwards of $100, there is the KPFK Film Club. The film club screens art films, documentaries, film classics, and even current first-run films on weekend mornings. Although the club only promises at least 12 films per years, there were over 100 screenings in 2004.

[edit] Programming

Like most Pacifica stations, KPFK runs an eclectic schedule, including world music, talk radio, and public affairs programming. While KPFK airs some national programming, including Democracy Now and Free Speech Radio News, most programming is local. KPFK hosts, who are referred to as "programmers", are accorded the maximum amount of editorial freedom possible. The only requirement is that they adhere to KPFK's mission statement, which states that all programming must be educational and non-commercial, must "serve the cultural welfare of the community", and must "contribute to a lasting understanding between nations and between the individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors". The station's political position is generally regarded as on the left-wing of the political spectrum. This includes issues regarding women, the many ethnic groups which make up a sizable population of Southern California, and the LGBT community. In fact, IMRU, KPFK's program on LGBT affairs, is the nation's longest-running broadcast produced by and for the LGBT community.

One unique feature of the KPFK schedule is its Spanish language programming, which is an hour and a half on Monday-Thursday (9-10:30 PM) and 5.5 hours on Saturday evenings (4-9:30 PM). During those programs, all announcements except for the call letters are made in Spanish. KFPK was the only public radio station in the United States to split its schedule in this way. However, KPFK has now launched a half-hour daily Spanish language news program for the Pacifica network, which is being carried on KPFK at 5:30 AM PT (replacing a previous local bilingual Spanish-English news show) and is also carried by other PAcifica stations and affiliates.


KPFK quite often is the ONLY source of news not heard elsewhere. It is vibrant, truthfull, progressive, informative, and IS the channel of choice for all Angelinos (and elsewhere where it airs) who do NOT want to be fed the crap on the mainstream media ANY MORE.

Well, last month, KPFK had a food drive (as well as their fundraiser, because KPFK does NOT run commercials therefore it is completely free of corporate control) Apparently Gelsons Market made a "modest food donation" and have written a letter of regret for their actions because KPFK they say is anti-Israel. What is anti-Israel? In KPFK's case it is doing a GREAT deal of programming on the Palestinians, having many Palestinian and other Mideast experts speak. Democracy Now also airs on KPFK and we all know that one is "anti-Israel" don't we? Yes, any program that airs the truth of what is happening to the Palestinians at the hands of the oppressor Zionist nation should NOT be supported, and better yet, lets do ALL we can do to make sure we tell everyone else not to support KPFK either. Incidentally, NPR is also a target. Trader Joes has also caved into the pressure.

Following is the letter from the president of Gelson's Market :

Gelson's has just been made aware that radio station KPFK had listed Gelson's as a "supporter" after Gelson's was asked to, and did, participate in February in a single fund-raising event for KPFK (providing a very modest food donation) after we were told that numerous other well-known retailers were also participating. So far as we can determine at this time, this is the only donation Gelson's has ever made to this radio station. We were not aware of KPFK's apparently well-known anti-Israel positions. We would never knowingly support an organization that was demonstrably anti-Israel, and immediately upon learning of KPFK's stated positions, we demanded that our name be removed as a KPFK supporter. It was promptly removed. We completely and unalterably disassociate ourselves from any and all anti-Israel positions KPFK may have taken in the past or may take in the future.

We made a mistake -- an innocent mistake. We have addressed this oversight with the Gelson's employee who was responsible for this donation, and we will do everything we can to be sure that this does not happen again.
Sincerest Regards,

Robert E. Stiles

But it gets worse, it seems CAMERA is behind all of this and they even want us to cancel our subscriptions to the LA Times because(among other things) they let Saree Makdisi's article

"Why does the Times Recognize Israel's Right to Exist" be printed. Several other bloggers have reprinted Saree's article and one fellow blogger, Umkahlil, even had her own letter published in the LA Times thanking them for publishing it.

Thank you for publishing Makdisi's article. By parroting Israel's script, the media have aided and abetted the destruction of Palestinian life, culture and patrimony. Doesn't everyone realize the absurdity of the elderly Palestinian refugee with a key to his or her house in historic Palestine, proclaiming that the immigrant Jew has a "right to exist" on the refugee's stolen property?


Wiesbaden, Germany

Following is the call to boycott KPFK, NPR, Whole Foods, and the LA Times (apologies for it being hard to read link to the "following is... to go directly to the link to see what they are up to in LA alone)

March 30, 2007

Whole Foods is a Long Time Supporter of KPFK:

Click here to follow the protest against Whole Foods' support of KPFK, Broadcaster of "Radio Intifada"

The state of the propaganda war! KPFK continues to peddle its extremist anti-Israel and anti-semitic PLO propaganda on its "Radio Intifada" show. Ater receiving a wave of letters of protest, Gelson's promptly removed its name from the list of KPFK supporters who donated food to volunteers in KPFK's fund drive. Gelson's also posted a special message to customers on its website. Trader Joe's quickly followed in disappearing from the list though it has not posted a message on its website. Whole Foods, however, still remains on the list. In fact Whole Foods is a long time supporter of the extremist anti-Israel KPFK, and appears on the list of supporters for 2005, 2006, and 2007. Friends of Israel are urged to contact Whole Foods CEO John P. Mackey at and Vice-President A. C. Gallo at and CC to ask them to drop their support of KPFK; and to shop elsewhere until they do - see sample - above, Whole Foods in West Los Angeles, CA - photo © JtB

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

CAMERA Gets the Message - At Least as to NPR:

CAMERA is realizing the power of consumer protest at least as to the anti-Israel NPR - they are advising their members not to contribute to NPR. see CAMERA on NPR Join the Boycott supports CAMERA's NPR protest. see Voting With Your Wallet

At North Hollywood's KPFK - Anti-Semitism For Sale:

For a gift of just $65 to KPFK, you get the CD "Blood and Religion: The Unmasking of the Jewish and Democratic State". see Radio Intifada; for just $225, a CD of Norman Finkelstein and Dr. Ilan Pappe, noted anti-Israel critics. Anti-semitism is thriving at KPFK. Send letters of protest to KPFK at and CC - photo © JtB

BBC Accused of Covering-Up Report on Anti-Israel Bias:

The Daily Mail reports that the BBC has been accused of spending £200,000 to cover-up a report on its anti-Israel bias. see cover-up, letter to Daily Mail

Please Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

Trader Joe's Disappears From List of KPFK Supporters:

Trader Joe's disappears from the 2007 list of supporters of the extremist anti-Israel KPFK, a welcome development, but TJ's long term support of KPFK is noted. see 2006 list Among those still on the list - Whole Foods. see latest KPFK Supporters list

LA Times Editorial Page Editor Resigns:

Andres Martinez, editor of the LA Times Editorial page, which has included a number of rants by anti-Israel extremists like Saree Makdisi, has resigned over a conflicts issue regarding a guest editor. see E&P, LA Times Watch

Gelson's Dissociates from KPFK - Gelson's Action Over:

Gelson's has posted a statement on its website dissociating itself from KPFK and explaining its actions. see Gelson's Join the Boycott commends Gelson's for its response and thanks all protesters who helped make this happen. The Gelson's action is over.

Are You Boycotting A Newspaper/Media Outlet?
Please let us know at

So what should we do? We should be writing letters of support to KPFK and donating, and to all the other entities who are standing strong against this Zionist pressure.

And FOR SURE start listening to KPFK on the internet where it streams live here.

KPFK's main website is

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