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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin believes in "Puff", the Magic Dragon That Is

So if you haven't read about one of the more bizarre beliefs of Sarah Palin which has come to light, let me enlighten you. The woman who doesn't know what a vice president does, who instead of answering questions she CAN'T answer tells you she's going to talk about other things, the woman who has "only been on the job for five weeks (that would be you are INTERVIEWING for the job, OMG, it's been FIVE weeks already? That's a LONG time considering the earth has only been around for six thousand years!), yep, that's ole "Joe SixPac", moose huntin', hockey mom trying to turn her own pig's ear into a purse Palin.

Where was I? Oh yes, one of the more unusual beliefs she holds is that dinosaurs lived side by side with human beings. What's that? She's seen the proof with her own eyes!

The Young Turks have something to say about this latest confession from the woman who wants YOU to take a stroll in the forest with her to see the footprints of man right inside the same footprints of dinosaurs!

Upon wondering, say it isn't so Sarah, just how this is possible, I had to go no further than the comments on the same you tube:

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'Historia Animalium' written in the 1500's describes several animals as alive at the time that we consider dinosaurs today. A peasant in Italy encountered and killed a small dinosaur Tanystropheus in 1572.

WOW, I'm from Texas too and I didn't know that! Let's look further.........searching searching

Dragons are "mythological" giant reptiles. Many cultures have dragons in paintings, literature and history. Some of the paintings of the "dragons" look like various kinds of dinosaurs. How could it be that so many cultures independently made up the thought of a giant reptile? These sound a lot like dinosaurs to me. Dinosaurs were created along with man and all the other animals.

Later on, there was a worldwide flood which drowned and buried all life on earth except people and animals in a very large boat called the ark. There was plenty of room for dinosaurs. The biggest dinosaur egg was only about the size of a football. Young dinosaurs were very small. The large ones were old ones as they grew all their life. The young ones with a long life ahead of them were on the ark, not the old, big ones.

The ones that got buried quickly with sediment fossilized. Also, all of the lush vegetation was buried and later turned to gas and oil. After the flood, which lasted a year, the earth's climate was changed because it was the first time it had ever rained. Before the flood the earth was covered with a canopy of misty water which made it into a giant green house.

So, God made dinosaurs, but they weren't called that yet. They were called dragons. Then, the big ones died out and people forgot that they were ever real, and they became part of myth. Then, when the dragon bones were dug up and they were given a new name, dinosaur. I have booklets about this topic if you would like to request one free of charge.

GREAT, that's how Alaska got all that oil! From dragon bones! Poor Puff! But I want to see a picture of this dinosaur that an Italian farmer killed (must have been the LAST one) in 1572

Ya know, gee Sarah, I understand now, the "young earth" theory sure is cool! But if I saw that cute little critter, and had never seen one before, I might call the Sierra Club up instead of hitting it over the head. Weren't they around back then?

I just gotta wonder, does Sarah believe that "Historia Animalium" written in the 15oo's by Conrad Gesner which was based on the BIBLE (GEE we've come full circle in this in-house logic) gives full proof to her belief. Only Philip Munger might know since Sarah ain't talking much about this sort of thing lately.

Well Sarah, since you made a list of pet projects that John McCain has worked out for you in the debate the other night, might I as a potential citizen at your mercy suggest another one? Since Todd is so happy on a snow mobile, and you, according to Fred Thompson, are highly qualified to become my vice president because you can single handedly field dress a moose, why don't the two of you do something fun together, heck take the press along with you for photo-ops, you can PROVE that creationism should be taught right alongside evolution in our schools? Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go out and find one of these dinosaurs that SURELY must still exist in that vast wilderness up there. Then bring it on back home. You can then drape it on the back of your sofa in your office in the White House right alongside that grizzly bear of yours. Yep Sarah, should you succeed in your aspirations, our country will come a long way baby.

Wink wink
, you BETCHA!

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