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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Conception Out Of Wedlock Is A Palin Family Tradition

(For the record-I just deleted a similar post at Daily Kos because many over there thought this was a non issue. I disagree because this woman, Sarah Palin is anti-abortion, anti-sex education, pro-abstinence)

Here are the facts.

Track Palin, the oldest child of Sarah and Todd Palin is now 19 years old. His birth date is April 20, 1989.

Sarah and Todd Palin were married August 29, 1988

Using the backtrack option on the pregnancy calculator HERE, given todays date, September 2, if your baby was due next April 20th, you would currently be 7 1/2 weeks pregnant, almost SEVEN weeks before an August 29th (elopement) date.

Do I think this is significant that there is a HIGH likelihood that Sarah was pregnant when they eloped. You BETCHA! Because this woman (while she married her high school sweetheart at age 24) is now embracing her own SEVENTEEN year old daughter's pregnancy and saying Bristol is going to marry her "f-ing redneck" (his own self-descriptive words) EIGHTEEN year old boyfriend Levi. This is surely a odds heavy divorce in the making marriage coming from a "SUPER" mother who has a four month old special needs child herself who someone other than herself is obviously having to tend to while she is on the campaign trail. (this not to mention the danger she put that high risk pregnancy in!)


Do I think this is the MOST important detracting detail of Sarah Palin. No, but I sure do think it is one of them and saying that her personal life is off limits (comments on DK) when SHE is the one who has been carrying on her anti-abortion crusade since her MAYORAL days IS an issue.

Just because SHE did what she thought was the right thing (more than likely eloped when she was approximately six weeks pregnant) to do for herself does NOT give her the right to tell others what to do! She is on the record as pro-ABSTINENCE, anti sex education and yesterday trotted out her own pregnant teenager. Like mother like daughter!

For the record, I DO NOT CARE that she was more than likely pregnant when she and Todd eloped! I care that this woman does not PRACTICE what she preaches when it comes to "abstinence". She was 24 for God's sake, at that age she SHOULD have known about birth control. That she didn't, got pregnant and eloped is NOT the issue. The issue is that if Sarah Palin had it her way MORE people would be in the same position she would be in and then NOT have any other option than to marry or adopt out their child, marriage obviously being HER preference for even her seventeen year old daughter! I'm sorry folks, but GIVE ME A BREAK!

For the record also, I am pro-CHOICE not pro-ABORTION because I do not feel it is MY place to tell a complete stranger what they can do and send abortion clinics back to the back alley where women can DIE who choose this option.

So to all of those who think we should lay off this issue it is BECAUSE of this issue that other IMPORTANT issues won't be addressed such as her lack of ANY experience for this job because Sarah's TAWDRY family life will be detracting from her lack of experience. This woman is indeed McCain's WMD because she will gain SYMPATHY with the right wing Evangelical anti-abortion crowd who wants to tell YOU what you can and cannot do in the bedroom (and thereafter!)

Ralph Land of the Southern Baptist Conference described her as "straight out of central casting".

Yes she is! And to think if McCain is elected and croaks in office this INEXPERIENCED woman could become our president is FRIGHTENING because after all, presidents DO have other things to do rather than try to overturn Roe vs. Wade such as have SOME experience in foreign policy!

I could go on and on, but that's my rant for the day on this super "Christian" woman!


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