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Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain's "Words Can Heal" Ties to Aish Hatorah

As the current election cycle is set to come to a close next week, the American public has been subjected to a resurgence of racist innuendo and outright bigotry, the likes of which at age 54 I don't recall in my lifetime.

Years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the McCain campaign and it's supporters are conducting a campaign which John McCain claims he is proud of.

Is he? Furthermore, is he living up to the pledge he took as a co-sponsor of Words Can Heal Day, another 501(3)(c) foundation which came out of Aish Hatorah, just as the Clarion Fund consists entirely of Aish Hatorah members.

Polls show that 13% of the American public still believes Obama is a Muslim. That would not be a problem to anyone believing this if it were not for the connotation attached to the assertion, that to be a Muslim is suspect in and of itself.

In a recent statement made on Meet the Press Colin Powell stated:

I'm also troubled by, not what Senator McCain says, but what members of the party say. And it is permitted to be said such things as, "Well, you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim." Well, the correct answer is, he is not a Muslim, he's a Christian. He's always been a Christian. But the really right answer is, what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America. Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president? Yet, I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion, "He's a Muslim and he might be associated terrorists." This is not the way we should be doing it in America.

Playing to those who are bigoted enough to admit they would never trust a Muslim, and to those on the fence, leery but more closeted in their public statements, enter those who wish to remind the American public just what we should be afraid of, "radical" Islam. How best to remind the voters of this? Mail 28 million dvd's to American households in their newspapers, an "advert" accepted by more than 70 newspapers nationwide. Of course the 501(3)(c) behind producing and mailing this dvd have no political intentions, they are only providing an "education" to the receivers, it's only coincidence that this is being done during a campaign where one of the candidates is snickered to be a "secret Muslim", the Manchurian candidate waiting to take over the Oval Office and hand over our country to the "terrorists"

It is well documented that the Clarion Fund, the "educational charity" which raised the funds for the mass mailing of "Obsession" has close ties to Aish Hatorah. In fact, every single person connected to the filing for the Clarion Fund's 501(3)(c)'s tax exempt status is also an employee or member of Aish Hatorah, yet Gregory Ross and Ronn Torossian, Clarion's spoke people wish to deny that Aish Hatorah has anything to do with the Clarion Fund.

Interestingly, Aish Hatorah is very proud of one of their other efforts and does not seek to hide the connection. Perhaps this is because the roster of honorary chair persons and board members reads like the who's who of Congress, the business world, academia, faith leaders and Hollywood.

This organization is none other than Words Can Heal, founded by Irwin Katsof. Words Can Heal however is not Mr. Katsof's only endeavor. As someone who has been busy building a global business, Doheny Global, he also took off time to help establish Honest Reporting, the very entity cited in the opening credits of "Obsession".

Indefatigable, Katsof assisted in the organization and founding in 2001 of, a fast-action, interactive website which alerts, informs and mobilizes grassroots activists via email to respond to unbalanced reporting on Israel and the Middle East. To date, there are 140,000 subscribers, in English, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Source

Not to be satisfied with only creating a foundation which is against words and speech which can harm, Mr. Katsof's Words Can Heal sought sponsors in Congress who would introduce legislation for a "Words Can Heal Day"

Who was a co-sponsor of that legislation?

John McCain.

S. Res. 183 [107th]: A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the establishment of a National Words Can Heal Day

Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV]hide cosponsors
Cosponsors [as of 2006-07-09]
Sen. Barbara Boxer [D-CA]
Sen. Samuel Brownback [R-KS]
Sen. Maxwell Cleland [D-GA]
Sen. Thomas Daschle [D-SD]
Sen. Byron Dorgan [D-ND]
Sen. Tim Johnson [D-SD]
Sen. Carl Levin [D-MI]
Sen. Joseph Lieberman [D-CT]
Sen. John McCain [R-AZ]
Sen. Barbara Mikulski [D-MD]
Sen. Charles Schumer [D-NY]

Words Can Heal, which has authored a handbook used in schools and elsewhere also sought to infom in one of it's launch press releases that they are also addressing gossip and hate speech in politics "New National Campaign to Battle Verbal Violence and Gossip" wrote:

Print ads aimed at bringing a new tone to American politics will begin this week in National Journal, Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call, and The Hill.

All who wish to take the Words Can Heal pledge recite the following:

I pledge to think more about the words I use.

I will try to see how gossip hurts people, including myself, and work to eliminate it from my life.

I will try to replace words that hurt with words that encourage, engage and enrich.

I will not become discouraged when I am unable to choose words perfectly, because making the world a better place is hard work.

And I am pledging to do that, one word at a time.

I do suppose that John McCain as a co-sponsor of the legislation to establish a Words Can Heal DAY did at some point in time take the pledge of the organization he sits as an honorary co-chairman of. Perhaps he needs to pass the memo to Sarah Palin and the mobs that collect at their rallies also.

Yet what is a favored campaign tactic of McCain in these twilights days of his campaign? The robo-call. One of those calls is voiced by ex-Homeland Security chief, Tom Ridge:

Hello, this is Governor Tom Ridge, America's first Secretary of Homeland Security. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC because this week Joe Biden, Barack Obama's running mate, made startling comments that we must take seriously. He reminded us of Sen. Obama's inexperience when he said that America would face an international crisis that Sen. Obama would be unprepared to handle alone. If the Democrats win complete control of government they will want to give traditional civil rights to terrorists and talk unconditionally to dictators and state sponsors of terror. Barack Obama and his Democrat allies lack the experience and judgment to lead America. (Source)

Things begin to get interesting when one learns that Tom Ridge has a close relationship with Irwin Katsof. The question is WHICH Irwin Katsof? The founder of Words Can Heal that seeks civil discourse in society and politics, Irwin Katsof the founder of the Jerusalem Fund of Aish Hatorah, Irwin Katsof who took of time from his busy schedule to establish Honest Reporting (in the opening credits of "Obsession")or the Irwin Katsof who in his business life, founded Doheny Global and Criterion Strategies, a security company.

JERUSALEM, Aug. 24, 2000 PRNewswire --

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge today received the Jerusalem Fund's "Friend of Zion Award" from the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah and the Municipality of Jerusalem.

Gov. Ridge received the "Friend of Zion Award" based on his "unbending support for the Jewish state," according to the Jerusalem Fund.

"We believe Gov. Ridge is a tremendous friend of the State of Israel and a spokesman for morality and ethics, and that's why he was selected to receive the `Friend of Zion Award'," said Rabbi Irwin Katsof, of the Jerusalem Fund. Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert presented the award to Gov. Ridge. Other award winners this year include U.S. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and Gregory D....(source)

DALLAS -- DRI Corporation (formerly known as Digital Recorders, Inc.) (DRI) (NASDAQ: TBUS), a digital communications technology leader in the domestic and international surface transportation and transit security markets, announced today that David L. Turney, the Company's Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, participated in the Friedland Investment Events LLC's Global Equities Conference on July 16 in Atlantic City, N.J., and subsequently in a Homeland Security-related conference sponsored by Doheny Global Group and Ridge Global LLC in Washington, D.C.

Immediately following the Friedland conference, Mr. Turney participated in a Homeland Security-related conference sponsored by the Doheny Global Group and Ridge Global LLC. The event, "Accessing Funds from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security," included presentations and discussions about business opportunities and strategies in the Homeland Security market. (Source)

Migdal Ohr Hosts VIP’s From All Across The USA
July 24, 2008

On Wednesday July 2, 2008 the residents of Migdal Ha’Emek were treated to an unusual sight, hovering overhead were six helicopters loaded with American dignitaries and private sector leaders, en route to Migdal Ohr. This prominent delegation was led by the Managing Director of the Doheny Global Group, Irwin Katsof, who had arranged for the mission to spend an afternoon witnessing the holy work of Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman and Migdal Ohr, which nurtures and educates over 6,500 of Israel’s most disadvantaged youth.

The diverse group of VIP’s had traveled to Israel from all corners of the United States to rejoice, reflect and recognize the miracle of Israel’s 60 years. Among the esteemed guests were The Honorable Tom Ridge, President and CEO of Ridge Global, First Secretary of Homeland Security and Former Governor of Pennsylvania, accompanied by his daughter Lesley Ridge. (source)

Lest one think that Aish Hatorah is an innocuous organization, read Jeffery Golberg's recent article "The Jewish Extremists Behind "Obsession"
Certainly no one would question Goldberg's staunch support of Israel for he is surely not a left-leaning apologist.

Do not be surprised to find that Aish Hatorah has been secretly involved in political endeavors before as Shmarya Rosenberg wrote today.

So there we have it.

Rabbi Katsof, those of us who look at your various endeavors would like to know, CAN words heal? Because we certainly know they can harm. Obama as a Muslim (which he is not, refer to Colin Powell's statement above)is unacceptable as a candidate to those who claim he is Muslim. This isn't only about Obama however, this is about ALL Muslim Americans who are believed to be suspect by the very same people who claim Obama is a Muslim and therefor unqualified to become president. Words can whip up fear and racism when designed to do so.

The Clarion Fund's dvd, "Obsession" has been critiqued extensively by Rabbi Arthur Waskowand David Sasha.

Now the dvd "Obsession" has been mailed to 325,000 rabbis and ministers by the The Judeo-Christian View, who's general publisher, Rev. Dozier has called Islam a "cult" The website of the Judeo-Christian View is certainly political in nature, slamming Obama. Reverend Dozier was quoted concerning how they acquired the 325,000 copies of "Obsession":

The Rev. O'Neal Dozier, pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, Fla., said he mailed 325,000 copies of "Obsession" three weeks ago along with another video "on same-sex marriage and child sacrifice" in the first issue of "The Judeo-Christian View."

Dozier said he was the "general publisher" but did not pay for the mailing. He refused to name the funder but said that person had been in touch with officials from Aish HaTorah. (Source)

In another article from NPR, Gary L. Cass claims to be the publisher of the Judeo Christian View

Cass said he, not Dozier, is the proprietor of The Judeo-Christian View. He told us the big mailing was done this month "to take advantage of interest in the political season to launch" the publication.

And to deepen the mystery over how "Obsession" is distributed, Cass was vague as to how his publication acquired DVDs for the mailing. He said they came from Clarion but declined to say if they were purchased or contributed. Referring to Clarion, he said, "Let's just say we have a good working relationship with them." (Source)

The very same Gary L. Cass quoted above has his own website, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission which also is obviously political in nature, praising the qualities of Sarah Palin while stating there are seven reasons why Obama is not a Christian.

Clarion claims 501(3)(c) status. The Judeo-Christian View which published a newsletter which is clearly political in nature has "good working relationship with them." (Clarion) Your "product" is clearly being distributed for political purposes.

Yet another Rabbi Katsof endeavor is the World Congress of Christians, Jews and Muslims (Foundation for Pluralism). Clearly the two gentleman above, Reverend Dozier and Gary L. Cass don't seem to have "pluralism" in mind in their publication.

Perhaps it is time for Rabbi Katsof, founder of Words Can Heal to step in to tone things down in the current Islamophobic frenzy that is being stirred up by McCain supporters. Perhaps it is also time for Senator McCain and Tom Ridge (who is also an honorary chair person of Words Can Heal) to retake their pledges to Words Can Heal because we all KNOW,

Words can HARM.

Video: McCain supporters tell their stories while waiting for the McCain/Palin rally in Bethlehem, PA, October 8, 2008.

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