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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Willow Palin, "My Mom Will Help Alaska Be Independent From All This Mess"

Concerning the McCain campaign's claim that Sarah Palin was never a member of the Alaska Independent Party, with even the chairwoman of the AIP first claiming Sarah had been a member, and now saying she isn't/wasn't

This child (Willow Palin age 13) sure is growing up with some ODD ideas! Don't most people agree that children this age get their political ideas from their parents?

Tell me where you think a 13 year old gets the idea that her mother will "will help aslaska for the better so we can be independent from all this mess"


I wish NO harm to the Palin children, but by God Sarah Palin has been the responsible party in raising them and then thrusting them in to the public eye with her acceptance of the vp nomination. This is NOT about Willow who is a 13 year old CHILD, this is about her MOTHER and the ideas she has bred in her children.

Willow Palin got this idea from SOMEWHERE and I suggest strongly it was from the immediate surroundings of her home.

What about McCain's campaign slogan, "Country First"?

Is it not abundantly clear that Sarah Palin has ALASKA as her first priority by now? (along with her religious agenda) Our nation does NOT need a vp one heartbeat away from a president with a history of health problems who has EVER had this agenda!

Out of the mouths of babes.....................

(BTW-I just heard David Gergen say it's now day five since Palin was nominated and she has yet to give a press she being deprogrammed?)

dear perez hilton and diddy

September 2, 2008 mylifeaswillowpalin

ok I was reading perez hilton where he called my sister a whore and have these fake pictures

saying my sister was underage drinking and while pregnant! That is not my sister and she would never harm her baby!

dear diddy! u say no black people are in alaska? Well you are wrong, I even let one sit next to me on the bus once so go get info, thanks!

p.s.: I feel better now, I don’t wanna go home, I want my mom to be president one day like she knows she will be and


  • 2. lmae | September 3, 2008 at 1:51 am

    Willow - hang in there. Those foul mouthed morons fear your mother and the great things she will accomplish so they are going to say anything and everything about her and your family to discourage the country from voting for her and Senator McCain in November. They don’t care if it is true or false. You might want to censor yourself though. Anything you post or say will come back to haunt you. Please take caution, whatever you post is permanent.

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