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Monday, September 15, 2008

Israeli Zionists Attempt to Tilt US Elections With the Mass Distribution of "Obsession"

Americans across the country woke up yesterday to a added bonus in their Sunday newspapers, a free DVD (26 million of them distributed), "Obsession" which purports to be a truthful documentary on "radical Islam".

From the website, read:


America is at War!

However, the war is an ideological war and is being waged by propagating misinformation, derived from misleading references and conditions. Make no mistake, evil people do exist and they are ruthless in their actions. The attacks of 9/11 will forever be a reminder that villains and criminals are capable of horrific acts that can cripple our nation. This is not Islam!


We as Americans have been deceived.

Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the WestNumerous organizations have formed and have been working together under the banner of "Education" to spread the "warning" that you need to "Wake Up" and to fear "Radical Islam", and it's war against the west.

No one tool has been used more often than the film "Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the West". This video has been shown in government buildings during business hours while employees were earning our tax dollars. Many Universities have held public viewings for students. Exposing our youth to half truths and verified lies. Many religious centers have adopted the film as an instructional material on Islam!

So what's the problem? People from all walks of life have been subjected to this film which is nothing more than a concentrated dose of fear designed to strike fear deep into the hearts of Americans, and to provoke the question "Does Islam really teach this"?.

The Facts are simple, this video contains within it numerous verified false claims and obvious errors. Some easy examples are the incorrect translations of Arabic documents to English, mislabeling Arabic television with Iranian or Persian television, events and scenarios placed out of context, as well as testimony given by self proclaimed reformed terrorist's. My question is, how did they get into America to do the interview? I thought we had a terrorist watch list! If indeed these men have committed acts of terror, and are currently living or residing in the United States they need to be brought in on charges for crimes against humanity. If all it takes is to say "sorry, I wont kill anyone else anymore", then we should all get a pass on the crimes we commit. However, this is reality, and the truth is, these men are deceiving you.

The film "Obsession" was produced/directed by (according the the movie's website) Raphael Shore and Wayne Kopping.

Just who is Raphael Shore besides being the producer of "Obsession"?

1. He is the founder of the Clarion Fund. Read, "Pro-McCain Group Dumping 28 million scare dvd's in swing states" (a Daily Kos commenter also states the film came in the latest edition of the Journal of Higher Learning)

2. He is the brother to Ephraim Shore, both men are Canadian/Israeli citizens, both are rabbis.

3. Both men are "bigshots in Aish HaTorah yeshiva," and are opening a center in Tel Avivaccording to their brother, David Shore who gave an interview to Haartz July 18, 2008titled "House Calls" (note that David is also into film making, being a former producer/screen writer for "NYPD Blue" and "Law and Order", creator of "Dr. House")

What is Aish Ha Torah yeshiva? According to this Wikipedia link (which at the top says it was written as an advertisement) Note:
The government of Israel awarded it 40 percent of the land facing the Western Wall.

A key Aish HaTorah program is the Discovery Seminar, which uses scientific methods, such as the Bible Code, to explore the authenticity of Judaism and its relevance to modern times. The four-hour seminar presents an overview of the entire gamut of Jewish history, philosophy, and attempts to answers questions such as, "Why Be Jewish?" "Does God Exist?" and "Is Torah True?"

From the link to "Discovery Seminar"

The backbone of the seminar is a series of classes called "Failsafe". They include classes on the unique signs of Kosher mammals and fish that apparently couldn't have been known thousands of years ago. Another presentation is on the historical claim of a national revelation that the Jewish people experienced at Mount Sinai. And perhaps most controversially, a presentation on scientific documented evidence for hidden codes in the Bible.

Hidden codes in the Bible? Now we're getting somewhere.

What other religious entity, in the US in particular, looks for codes in the Bible, for a translation of (in particular) Revelations as a guide to the future?

Christian Zionist Fundamentalists.

Although the outcomes for the two religious beliefs are certainly at odds with each other! Christian Zionists firmly believe that a certain number of Jews must convert to Christianity in time for the "rapture", something I am quite sure Aish Ha Torah believers might have a problem with. But it's ALL about the undivided support for Israel that Christian Zionists give which is at the core of any Israelis/Jews overlooking this sticking point.

This leads to a connection in another mass mailing of the film "Obsession" which took place in February. That month I attended the Sabeel conference in Pasadena and sat at dinner with a friend of mine, Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak, co-founder of Jews on First and contributor to
the website/organization, Challenging Christian Zionism. That evening Rabbi Beliak was absolutely livid because he had just received a package in the mail which contained a copy of "Obsession"and the book, "Standing With Israel" by David Brog, director of Christians United for Israel. Included in the package was a letter from the former Israeli ambassador to the US asking the rabbis and other Jews the mailing went to to welcome the support of Christian Zionists. The mailing was sent out by the Republican Jewish Coalition using a postal permit by CUFI (Read the full article HERE.

Didn't John McCain just recently have to distance himself from CUFI out of utter embarrassment? Yet the Republican Jewish Coalition is mailing freebies written by CUFI's director.

Enter the massive distribution of the scare tactic film, "Obsession", produced by an ISRAELI citizen, distributed through the shadowy organization the Clarion Fund (founded by the same person) and BINGO, you've just HOPEFULLY scared the bejeebers out of 28 million voters who have heard McCain state, "The absolute gravest threat is the struggle that we're in against radical Islamic extremism which can affect - if they prevail - our very existence."

News outlets as well as bloggers are trying to get at the bottom of just who financed this 26 million mass distribution of "Obsession". The Clarion Fund's Ross stated that the money came from one contributor, but isn't giving up any secrets. Richard Silverstein posits that the entity behind the funding could be Sheldon Adelson, multi-billionaire Vegas mogul. Possible, very possible since he is on the board of directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition who sent out the February mailing. (Read another posting on Adelson by Richard Silverstein HERE)

But at least Sheldon Adelson is a US citizen, whereas according to all research I have done so far, Raphael Shore is not. This means that a Canadian/ISRAELI Zionist is raising the funds to attempt to scare the American electorate into voting for McCain, who is running almost ENTIRELY a post 911 terror scare campaign.

While Ephraim and Raphael Shore have chosen to live their lives as purveyors of hate, their other brother David, has chosen a different path. In the Haartz interview he gave in July he wrote of the character he created, "Dr. House"

“”I personally think that the American networks underestimated the capacity of the audience to embrace a character like this. And it was sort of to my benefit. Because now they’re all scrambling to get that type of character on. But I think American audiences, the networks, all want the likable character and they mistake that for nice. And I think we like to watch Dr. House. He’s not likable in the traditional sense, but we like to watch him, and obviously that’s what really matters.”

One of the key phrases used in the show is “everybody lies.” House says it a lot. That’s a very pessimistic view for network TV in America.

“Again, I didn’t expect it to be this popular. I wrote that line in the pilot; it was just another line in the script. And then as we were doing the pilot, actually filming it, it suddenly became, obviously, … the defining thing about the show. And it’s not as pessimistic as it sounds. It’s more that everybody has secrets, and everybody sees the world their own way. It’s really a line that speaks to this character’s pursuit of truth. And that truth doesn’t come from just asking a person a question and getting an answer. Truth comes from digging deeper and finding out what’s behind that answer and what that answer really means. And even when a person’s not consciously lying, they are seeing a version of the world that may not be exactly the real version of the world. This character wants to find out the ultimate truth.”

Considering the shadowiness of the Clarion Fund, it’s statement that “Meir” and “Halperin” are aliases (Obsession's executive producer is listed as Peter Mier, while the production manager is listed as Brett Halperin, per Ephraim Shore) it’s refusal to state where the donations, in particular the sugar daddy donation for the mass mailing come from, I find David’s statement about “everybody lies”, truth as a matter of perception shrouded in personal secrets very illuminating. We don’t like to watch him, but we do, don’t just ask questions, dig deeper, get at the answer and what the answer really means.

Indeed, so true in the case of the mass distribution of “Obsession”, who ALL is behind it, and what is their goal.

Are they even Americans? No. Ephraim and Raphael Shore are Israeli/Canadian citizens

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