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Sunday, August 10, 2008

So It's Finally Official, Israel is a SKUNK!

It was reported two days ago that Israel was using a new weapon to disperse protesters against the apartheid wall. It was thought to be toilet water which could be contaminated. Many became immediately sick after having this sprayed on them.

Now Israel is claiming it is not toilet water, but rather a new weapon, "The Skunk" (at least this is what they are now claiming)

The weapon, nicknamed "The Skunk," is a foul-smelling liquid which is sprayed on the protesters, compelling them to leave the scene to escape the smell (source)
Curious, I went looking for what this could possibly be and came up with this article, "Police Sniff Out the Ultimate Weapon" (Los Angeles 2003)

A small posse of sheriff's deputies in Compton has unleashed a new weapon in the war on crime.

It is remarkably small, improbably inexpensive, stunningly low-tech and for the past seven months has proved incredibly effective. So effective, in fact, that Shaun Mathers of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department wonders why more departments have not realised that such a tool might be right under their noses.

"I was kind of grousing with some friends," he said. "What could we do to make our officers more visible in the community? And someone said: 'Maybe we could use a good odour, like fresh baked cookies.' As I was driving home, it struck me. Maybe there's a value in a bad odour."

That value, Lieutenant Mathers thought, would be in clearing out the vacant buildings that become magnets for prostitutes, drug dealers and gangs. After a few experiments with chemical stink bombs, he and Deputy Scott Gage found a petroleum-based gel called SkunkShot on the internet. "It's pretty weird," Deputy Gage said, "but it's brilliant."

And the Skunk Squad was born. Its first success, Lieutenant Mathers said, came early this year on Long Beach Boulevard.

"There was an old vacant bungalow-style motel which is in a heavily populated prostitute area," he said. "People were coming and going to use narcotics. One part of it had even burned down because they were using candles to light the place. It was dangerous."

One day in May, the deputies took several small $US15 ($21) tubes of SkunkShot and spread them around the building, which they had just cleared of the drug users and prostitutes. Several hours later, Lieutenant Mathers was amazed to find no one there.

"It's horrible, just unbearable for two days," he said of the odour. "After five or six days you can still smell it. We even got in a battle of smells with the folks there. They were bringing cans of Glade and scented candles, but that stuff just can't compete."

What is this stuff they are spraying? Is the IOF using it on prostitutes, drug dealers or gangs?

No! They are using it on Palestinians who are protesting the appropriation of their land by an apartheid wall deemed ILLEGAL by the World Court. SkunkShot Gel is sold to repel cats and dogs. Are Palestinians animals? It is manufactured by Connovation Ltd who states on their website, "Our business is providing tools to monitor and control invasive animals. " Who is the invasive animal here? The Palestinians who are trying to prevent a wall from expropriating their land in what is SUPPOSEDLY going to become a "state" should the "two-state solution" ever materialize? Or the Israelis who have been BELIGERANTLY occupying them for more than forty years?

The results of the tests on this new substance that Israel is using are not in yet, but it's easy to see who the "skunk" is. Just beyond words SICK!

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