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Monday, August 18, 2008

Fortune Cookies and Other Hasbara Brain Farts

Every once in while you come across an article that makes you fall off the chair laughing. Such is the case with an article published in JPost, "Pro-Israel fortune cookies, other hasbara ideas touted by student fellowship". BTW: I'm laughing because of a run in I had with these folks last year when they so OBNOXIOUSLY tried to disrupt an event at which Hedy Epstein spoke. Reading that they are trying to come up with hasbara ideas like pro-Israeli fortune cookies makes me CRACK UP when they behave in such a manner! (Not to mention the manner in which Israel behaves which I REALLY don't think fortune cookies are going to do the trick to change people's poor impression of) It begins:

Think out of the box, was the message former consul general to New York, Alon Pinkas, had last week for a group of 150 international university students who were graduating from a hasbara fellowship program.

The student activists, who spent the summer learning about Israel advocacy from the StandWithUs organization based in Los Angeles and Jerusalem, presented Pinkas with six potential projects chosen out of 140 proposals. They included putting pro-Israeli messages inside fortune cookies and making a YouTube video promoting Israel, but Pinkas, who praised their energy and initiative, was intentionally blunt with the groups, preparing them for the harsher world of diplomacy.

While he said the students had done "a brilliant job," he added that all of their ideas had been tried before by the Foreign Ministry and failed.

So is Pinkas saying Israel has baked up fortune cookies before and they didn't work? Not only fortune cookies, but be stated that all these ideas are OLD ideas, and none of them worked!

LOLOLOL, (sometimes one has to supplement horror with humor), I WONDER WHY?

Could it possibly be that the world is waking up, that fortune cookies and nearly nude female Israeli soldiers aren't doing the trick?

MAYBE if they put all the IOF soldiers to work in bakeries making fortune cookies and took them OUT of the occupied territories where they commit daily crimes against the Palestinian people, THAT might work.

Yes "Stand With Us", fortune cookies just might work after all!!!

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