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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Meeting of the Minds at Border's Bookstore

Today I had to go to Border's book store to get my daughter a copy of Macbeth. As we reached the register I glanced down (not wearing my glasses) and caught the title on the issue of a magazine. It read "Mr. Palestine". I had sort of seen it out of the corner of my eye and said to my daughter, "OOH, what's that? Mr. Palestine" I reached down to get it and as I got closer I jumped back in horror. This picture is what I saw.

I said rather loudly, "Oh my God, I can't believe it, WHAT A JOKE"

The woman at the counter in front of me turned and said, "I take it you don't like him either?"

I guess I had a disgusted look on my face because she started laughing.

I said, "This whole meeting at Annapolis is such a farce"

She replied, "Good to hear someone knows what is going on and that it IS a farce"

She had a beautiful accent and I asked her where she was from. She replied Sicily.

We chatted for a minute or so and she ended by saying,

"If only he would just drop DEAD, and if he won't drop DEAD I wish I could just roll up a newspaper and HIT HIM with it to make him STOP".

I laughed and said "You can train dogs, that man can't be trained"

She said, "You're right, he's absolutely hopeless, unlike most dogs"

We chuckled some more and parted with smiles and a Happy Holidays.

I love it when there is a meeting of the minds with a perfect stranger.

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