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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Further Collective Punishment of the Palestinian People

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(With help from my dear brother blogger, Desert Peace)

When the people of France were starving and there was no bread available, Marie Antoinette's solution was 'Let them eat cake!'
It cost her her head in the end.... but some people did not learn a lesson from that period in history as it is being repeated in Gaza... this time by 'do-gooders' with wafers instead of cake.

Although ANERA certainly means well, and their efforts are definitely needed, the point is that these Gazan preschoolers are now relying on FORTIFIED WAFERS for food. There is something WRONG with this picture people. These children are not relying on wafers because of a natural disaster which has befallen their homeland, they are the victims of the COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT of the Palestinian people. This is a MAN MADE disaster, made in Israhell. This is the DELIBERATE starving of a people, a WAR CRIME.

Me'thinks it would be wiser to open the border and stop the sanctions against the people of Palestine.... let Olmert and Abbas eat those wafers!

Despite border closings, ANERA continues to supply the neediest in Gaza

Gaza at this time is almost completely cut off from critical supplies coming through its borders. Reports are that conditions are worsening everyday. As the situation grows more challenging, ANERA's long-time support in the region continues.

As of October 29, ANERA's Gaza Strip Director, Salah Sakka, reported that 1.7 million fortified wafers, enough to distribute to our beneficiary preschool children until the end of January 2008, are in Gaza. We also have delivered, at the end of October, 76,000 cartons of fortified milk - a five-day supply. Additionally, ANERA has delivered over $2 million worth of donated medical supplies into Gaza in October.

Though it is excellent news that we have succeeded in making these deliveries, we still face obstacles. Our partner in providing milk shipments has indicated that although they have met all the conditions for bringing the next shipment into Gaza, it has been delayed at the border.

With the situation getting worse, the cost of these political obstacles in humanitarian as well as financial terms is impossible to calculate. It is all the more imperative that we, in solidarity with Salah and all Gazan families, continue to chip away at this border bureaucracy.

One thing that doesn't get held up by border bureaucracy is direct relief through monetary aid. ANERA responds inside of Gaza's borders, for instance, by installing sanitary landfills, dealing with sewage spills and the lack of potable water, removing piles of rotting garbage, and controlling rats in densely populated areas.

As always, we are approaching this crisis from every angle, determined to take positive steps wherever we can.


Now let's look at still more proof of the collective punishment of the Palestinian people and further war crimes.

There is simply NO EXCUSE for this, NONE whatsoever. And remember, ALL of these actions are what is taking place PRIOR to the so-called "peace talks" at Annapolis.

I urge EVERYONE reading here to contact their senators and representatives to inform them of what is happening.

Call the White House:

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414


Let them all bite on a wet wash cloth while undergoing surgery

Medical gas veto in Gaza disrupts health service

[ 05 Nov 2007, Rob Cockerill, ]
The temporary veto halted all but crucial operations in Gaza hospitals
The temporary veto halted all but crucial operations in Gaza hospitals
gasworld Conference
'The new industrial gas frontier'
11 & 12 December 2007, Dubai

The suspension on imports of nitrous oxide, the medical gas used for anaesthetics and as a 50% component in Entonox, to Gaza Strip hospitals has forced its administrations to close down surgery departments and halt a number of operations.

Israel had temporarily barred the import of nitrous oxide as part of its siege and closure of commercial crossings preventing crucial medical supplies from reaching hospitals, halting all operations except those deemed absolutely vital, and causing chaos throughout Gaza’s health service.

Following the recent resumption of the importation of nitrous oxide gas, medical crews worked additional hours around the clock to perform surgeries delayed by the shortage. But the Israel siege and lack of vital medicinal supplies has had an incredibly negative effect on cardiac patients and cardiology departments in Gaza Strip hospitals have begun to accept only those patients who suffer worst from the medicine shortage and lack of appropriate equipment.

Bassem Naim, health minister in the dismissed government, had commented, “There is a possibility of a health disaster occurring here anew, with patients dying because our hospitals are unable to conduct surgeries. There is a need for international intervention to prevent this catastrophe from happening.”

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