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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Godtube Sells Furniture Too!!

Just "surfing" today I stumbled upon something I had never heard of before, that's Godtube,
the "Christian" alternative to youtube which evidently was launched in May. This site is HUGE with new videos being posted there sometimes only one minute apart.

Curious me wanted to check it out, so off I went. Well, the MOST recent video (an hour ago) which was posted was your typical uninformed slam against Islam. But I needed to find out more so I went to that time-worn source, Wikipedia first:


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GodTube is a free video sharing website much like YouTube, but which specializes in Christian-themed videos. In particular, GodTube has been compared to Conservapedia, a Christian conservative encyclopedia opposed to Wikipedia, and MyChurch, a Christian version of MySpace.[1][2]

GodTube was founded in January, 2007, by Chris Wyatt from Plano, Texas, currently a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. Chris Wyatt was formerly a TV producer for CBS. GodTube is privately funded by investors, including Norm Miller of Interstate Batteries.[3]

Wyatt, a Baptist has likened the site to neutral "Switzerland", in that he claims it is open to all theological viewpoints. He has stated that even atheists are welcome as long as they state their case "respectfully". However, the site does include videos attacking non-Baptist religions, including videos entitled "Why Pentecostalism is not of God," "Mormonism exposed," and "The papacy is NOT biblical."[4]

According to comScore GodTube was the fastest growing website for the month of August, 2007.[4][5]

[edit] Controversy and Criticism

Christian Russ Seehafer posted a video criticizing the site as founded on hubris and theological arrogance saying that "It is beyond me how anyone can claim to be so down with our maker that they are able to slap his approval on anything they deem 'christian'." The video appeared on the front page of the site and was subsequently removed and replayed with a video defending the GodTube and attacking other filesharing sites such as YouTube.[1] It was then reinstated with a comment from GodTube's CEO. [verification needed]

In September of 2007, programmer Paul Yanez argued that Godtube had stolen code from Veoh and Youtube. [6] Evidence for this included Godtube using the same fonts and in parts identical code to that in Veoh.[6] Additionally, some files contained the word "YouTube" in the title. In response, Godtube CEO Chris Wyatt blamed the matter on the design firm contracted to design the software.[6] Godtube subsequently took down the old code and replaced it with new code.[6] In the meantime, Yanez took down his original blog post outlining the accusations saying that it had led to harassment from religious supporters of Godtube

So we see, Godtube doesn't take much to criticism. So in the manner of "sharing" let me share with you a video posted there just a little over an hour ago. The video details read: Christ-Centered Auction Company

OK, here we go with the offering: (Let's see how long it takes for them to pull it down)

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