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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Heard You Speak Tonight Mr. President

I sat down to watch you tonight Mr. President, your once a year mandated opportunity to speak to us, the citizens you are sworn to protect. What did you start off with sir? The unbelievable proposal to balance our country's budget within five years without raising taxes yet spending on an illegal war like a drunken sailor. Quite frankly Mr. President, I almost fell off the sofa laughing at your audacity to so blatantly lie and promise things you have no intention or means to deliver on. The rest was mediocre at best, but when it came to the war in Iraq Mr. President, you expect us to believe you have a means of "winning", only you don't sir, because peace cannot be brought by the barrel of a gun. You will never bring peace to this country you tore assunder Mr. Bush, and it is you who must live with yourself, while others suffer and die at your bloody hands. I have nothing to say to you for I know you are tone deaf to the truth, but Mr. President, I offer you this song to try to help you understand how very wrong, very wrong you are.

My Own Morning After Thoughts, in response to "There Should Have Been Silence"

>Agreed, there should have been silence. But the looks on many of the faces spoke
>volumes also. Cheney, AKA Darth Vader, played his role well,
>expressionless, or should I say emotionless, not one even tiny change in
>facial gestures from the empty evil scowl. Nancy was chewing a cough drop,
>quite undercurious for the first woman speaker, afraid I guess she would
>maybe choke, but nonetheless, standing to cheer at what she thought were
>the appropriate bipartisan moments, selling her own high-power political
>soul, which in itself, is an oxymoron. Condi, well, there was definitely
>something up with her last night, pictures paint a thousand words, and last
>night, her cockroach aspirations shown brighter than usual as she appeared
>to either be extremely constipated or pissed about something, perhaps a
>suggestion she had made and not followed as to how to quell one Palestinian
>woman's birthpangs by shooting her at an Israeli checkpoint rather than
>only having the baby born still-born. And John McCain, well, at one
>moment the camera panned in closely and he was nodding off to sleep, sweet
>dreams fence-rider, just be careful of the bobbed wire, I've heard it can
>do some real damage to the genitalia. The one moment you thought the
>camera might be playing tricks on your eyes was when they showed a tall,
>VERY tall African American man in the gallery who stood to take the
>applause. He was next to Laura, twice, literally twice as tall as she, but
>then we all know she's the little "small-minded" ranch mama, standing short
>by her man.
>In other words last night's "State of the Disunion" speech made me PUKE!!! He better get busy printing all
>that money he's going to balance the budget with in the next five years
>while selling our country down the drain of iniquity and spending "money"
>which doesn't exist on an illegal, Zionist war like a drunken sailor on
>This all while not raising taxes, George, two plus two equals four and if
>you don't know that, it's time you step down because you need to repeat the
>classes you missed in simple arithmatic, and perhaps the morality you were
>never taught to begin with by the reincarnated Marie Antoinette who you
>grew up calling Mama, because George, no child should be left behind, but
>in your case, your "behind" was never reddened enough to teach you one damn

NOTE: The above video was produced by an amazing 16-year old American peace activist named Ava Lowery. You can find out more about Ava at Peace Takes Courage on my side bar links. Thank you Ava and keep up the good work!! Our country is blessed by young people such as yourself who are speaking out.

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