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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

American Racist Bigot, YOU Worry ME!!!

As I sit here before this blank screen and begin to type this post, quite honestly, I don't know where to begin. This morning while doing a youtube search I came across the video below which literally gave me the shivers. It is posted by an American, shamefully I say "fellow" American and is set to the song "American Pie", that song which conjurs up what is supposed to be lost innocence of America. The person who created this video, "American Muslims You Worry Me" demands that all American Muslims either pledge total allegiance to our flag, our country (whatever it does) or GO BACK to the sand dunes from whence they came. (you need to actually watch the video to see how long this guy goes on his rantings, more than eight minutes) My Arab friends, both Muslim and Christian will probably wonder why I am giving this video the light of day by posting it here. Well, because this is UGLY, this is something that I DEPLORE, and it is something I myself have to fight through my Arab-American daughter on a constant basis. Is she supposed to "go back to the sand dunes" because she deplores our country's Mideast foreign policy? Maybe I should go too? Since when is free speech only the privilage of non-Muslim Americans? And Mr. John Maniscalco, American pilot, you WORRY me, because you are filled with such hatred and ignorance YOU perpetuate the hatred against Americans. Do NOT claim to be more American than me you racist bigot, because you are NOT!! Oh hell, I hope my readers get my point.
It is such a deeply ingrained racism which even those who claim they are not racist against Arabs, are. Sorry, but this existed LONG before 911 which only served to bring the maggots out into full view. White America is superior, and any one who is Arab or Muslim is seen as an inferior being. We all know it exists, let's just get it out in the open. Then let's remember, we are each and every one of us a child of the same creator, no matter how we worship him, and it is up to each and everyone of us to not ignore this bigotry, because we are called by our creator to undo it.

People, this is RACISM, pure and utter racism. It sickens me and for anyone to claim it is dead in America you are FULL OF IT!! I could go on and on on this matter, but suffice it to say, I urge everyone to go to this video on youtube titled "Muslim Americans You Worry Me" (there are two postings) and flag it as innapropriate. This just plain BOTHERS me!!!

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