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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today, January 1,2007, is the World Day of Peace

It has come to pass, 2006 is now officially behind us and we have rung in the NewYear. Today, January 1, 2007 is World Peace Day.
This last year has been witness to much sorrow in the world, misunderstandings which have lead to grief and despair, as well as aggression which has led to death and destruction. As I was raised by my mother I was taught one valuable tenet, the only person you can control is yourself. In this vein, my own faith has also taught me that each and every one of us is a child of our creator, loved equally by him, and given the same inherent qualities and needs as the next. I have many friends, from many different faiths and family that is both Christian and Muslim. It is my wish in this New Year, that all those of different faiths can come together in the common goal of peace, that which is set for us as a goal for the common good of all mankind by the creator of all mankind. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth and let it also begin with our own spirituality which leads to actions beneficial to all of our brother and sisters, united as one. With the spirit of unity of all mankind, and the acceptance of each other as precious human beings, let us pray and take action in both word and deed to exhibit the grace of God given to each of us, his own children.

For the message of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI on this World Day of Peace, link here

Happy New Year to all and may the peace of our creator enter all hearts in the world.


Charlie said...

Great, you are one of the few who talks about World Peace day.

I love Munich said...

BEAUTIFUL Twinsie ... I wish everyone would say "Let PEACE begin with me"!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR dear ... and a BIG BIG HUG!! :-)

Chet said...

Great Post Robin, Your right it has to start with ones self. I have to agree with Charlie also that you are one of very few who talked about Peace Day.

abufares said...

Hi Robin
First I had Karin's and Chet's blogs to enhance my feeling that there are still some honest, open minded and compassionate people out there. People who have decided on their own, to defend what they believe is right, an almost lost cause in the fast lane of biased media coverage and hypocricy. Now, there are 3 of you (that I am honored of befriending) and the world is certainly a more beautiful and precious place.

Robin said...

Charlie: Really, I'm one of the few?
Maybe it's that it isn't well enough known, but it sure should be!! Personally I think World Peace Day should become synonomous with New Years, that way people would focus on what is really important to the world rather than making empty promises to lose weight!! Thank you for dropping in and hope to see you again here soon.

Karin, BIG HUGS back to you, and lucky for me I can just give one to you right here FOR REAL in my own kitchen. Happy New Year to you to Twinsie and may all your hard work and dreams come to full fruition this year. PEACE!! and love always.

Chet, dear friend, thank you for visiting here. You are one who talks about peace all the time!! Hugs to you on New Years and always!

Abu Fares: Your words to me are SO kind and they are SO welcomed. I truly hope that this New Year brings peace to your area of the world, that people wake up and seek the truth in my own country and that ALWAYS, roads of communication are kept open. Peace to you and Happy New Year Abu Fares, come by often, OK?!!

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