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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Letter from my Congressman, Gary Miller

Well, it happened, I actually got a written letter back from my congressman, Gary Miller, Republican. He wrote me this letter because about three weeks ago I forwarded a form letter to him via Jews for Peace asking for even-handedness in the Palestinian/Israeli crisis. At that time I received a form letter back from him saying yada-yada, when the Palestinians wish to have peace then the United States will have a partner, yada yada, you all know the rhetoric. At that time I sent him another email, written by me personally which was much harsher than the form letter provided by Jews for Peace. Unfortunately I have deleted that letter from my files but suffice it to say I in no uncertain terms told him just what I thought about his response to me. My scanner is not connected so I will type his letter to me here.

Dear Robin,

Thank you for contacting me with your further thoughts about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. I appreciate hearing from you again on this important issue. Like you, I am anxiouos to see a lasting resolution implemented to quell the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

As I expressed to you previously, I lament the tragic loss of life in the Middle East that continues to result from teh Israel-Palestinian conflict and I sincerely hope that both sides will work toward a permanent peace. The United State has been an active partner with outr international allies in promoting a return to the roadmap so that proeperity and tranquility will eventually take root in the region. For this reason, the United States has been an active partner with our international allies in promoting a return to the roadmap so that prosperity and tranquility will eventually take root in the region. For this reason, the United States provides about $150 million annually in indirest financial assistance to non-governmantal organizations in Palestind to help improve the quality of life for the Palestinian peoople and encourage humanitarian reforms. These funds are vital to fostering democracy and promoting peace in the Middle East.

In addition, the United States strongly supported the historic Israeli disengagement of the Gaza strip, which began in August 2005. In November 2005, Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice helped to negotiate an agreement on movement in and out of Gaza in hipes of facilitating further progress on Palestinian economic issues. Unfortunately, the newly-elected Palestinian government controlled my the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has rejected appeals from the international community to reject terror and violence, recognize the right of Israel to exist, and accept previous obligations and agreements, including the roadmap. Once the Palestinian government demonstrates a willingness to work with Israel and the international communcity for a viable peace, the hopes and dreams of many in the Middle East will finally be realized.

As your representative, I want you to know that I will keep your thoughts in mind while I work in Congress for a sustainable peace that recognizes the rights and wishes of the Palestinian people. Again I thank you for contacting me. I hope you will remain in touch in the future on other issues of importance to you.

Gary Miller
Member of Congress

Well dear Congressman Miller, was that closing sentence a means of dismissing my further contact with you on this matter? Dear Congressman, quite honestly if it is, then I say to you those famous words of Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind", "Frankly I don't give a damn" because you are MY representative and I have every right under the sun AND the Constitution to continue writing to you on this matter. In fact, here are just a few of the ideas floating around in my brain to say to you.

1. The United States has NOT been an active partner in promoting peace in this neck of the woods since your bumbleheaded leader came to power. On the contrary, baby bush has distanced himself from this conflict and it is the Baker Report, otherwise known as the ISG, which so aptly pointed this out.

2. Who do you think you are kidding here Mr. Miller, the US has SUSPENDED their aid to Palestine since Hamas was DEMOCRATICALLY elected (ever hear that old cliche, "be careful what you wish for"? or better yet, "Indian giver" since you think it is your ignoramus leader who is making things so much better in the Middle East by "spreading democracy", which he is NOT since there is no acceptance of democratic voting outcomes) Well, there is some good news Mr. Miller, it seems just yesterday the US gave in and have agreed to resume aid WITH strings attached And just in case you are wondering, the UN (that body you control yet disdain at the same time, quite a slate of hand trick on your part as a Republican) is asking for a total of $450 million in aid to the Palestinians to ease the HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN PALESTINE.

3. "These funds are vital to fostering democracy" Mr. Miller, have you EVER thought that you are contradicting yourself? Hamas was DEMOCRATICALLY elected, but then you knew that. But let's just get it straight here, I am NOT a Hamas fan, but I AM a fan of diplomacy over strangulation.

4. Oh yes, the "disingagement" UNILATERALLY done by Israel solely for the purpose of removing their settlers so that they got US Brownie points AND were free to fly sonic booms over head and invade with impunity. Oh, Mr. Miller, haven't you heard about the game of "musical settlements" being played by the Israelis, that is, move 'em out of Gaza and move them into the West Bank and build more ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS

5. As for moving in and out of Gaza, currently there are approximately 4000 Palestinians waiting at the border in Rafah for WEEKS to return home

6. Mr. Miller, once again I am NOT a Hamas fan. But have you thought about it in this way, the Palestinians have been seeking a state for YEARS without Hamas being in power. Over and over and over again it has been the Israelis who have stalled the peace process. I suggest strongly that you link to this site, Jews for Peace Mr. Miller and check out their site, the very site from which I sent you my first form letter and see just what they have to say. Not all Jews are Zionists Mr. Miller and CERTAINLY not all Palestinians are "terrorists" (a distinction is needed here between "terrorist" who attacks Israel within their borders in civilian surroundings and LEGITIMATE resistance fighters fighting within the ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED TERRITORIES) (another thing you might not have pondered on, have you ever heard the term "state terrorism" which is PRECISELY what Israel practices YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS MR. MILLER!!)but if you and your cronies continue to keep your heads up your butts you sure will have a few more to contend with in the future.

In closing Mr. Miller, you state categorically to your constituents that you are a man of "Christian" values. LIVE THEM MR. MILLER and seek PEACE, not more bloodshed.

A postscipt to my readers. Above I am literally blowing off the steam that came out my ears when I read my congressman's hand-signed letter to me. Rest assured that within a day or two I WILL be writing an actual letter to the "honorable Congressman"

UPDATE November 19, 2007:

To my "visitors": The Senate Sargent at Arms, and others.

The above post has been attracting a great deal of attention from you in recent weeks. I have to ask why and would appreciate a comment left here or an email to me. I have visited my congressman's office for other matters with the peace coalition which I belong to. In that case, it was to discuss with him his votes on the Iraq war and to invite him to a forum with other representatives in our neighborhood (the forum has yet to materialize due to scheduling problems) With the upcoming hosting of the "peace summit" at Annapolis, I find it of upmost importance that Congress be aware of the stakes at hand. The ILLEGAL 40 year long occupation and brutalization of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Territories lays at America's doorstep. Without our continued blind support financially, militarily (by the supply of arms), and legally (by laws enacted in OUR Congress and UN resolutions being vetoed by OUR country) this could not go on. As the US has lent a blind eye, ILLEGAL settlements in the West Bank have continued to expand. Yes, Ms. Rice has asked for a freeze, but please read the Israeli newspapers yourself to see that this is not happening.

Here's an article to see just what the US is working with:

At the end of the day, EVEN if the settlements are frozen at their current condition, a contiguous viable Palestinian state is IMPOSSIBLE.

I don't have any idea what you people in the government who are my representatives plan on doing about this impossible situation, but as a CITIZEN who pays your salaries and who expects you to listen, I suggest you give much more time to this matter and become EDUCATED as to this dire situation and to INSIST that Israel abide by international law.

Also, I would like to let you know that I put together an event which occurred last week, An Interfaith Search for Justice and Peace in the Holy Land
Any of those three men, Rabbi Haim Beliak, Reverend Jerry Stinson or Ghazi Briegieth would be a good source of information for you. If you would like to be put in contact with any of them, please contact me and I can arrange that meeting.

Thank you for visiting.

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I love Munich said...

It does seem to me that Congressman Gary Miller is not in the picture of what is going on in this neck of the woods!! It is beyond me why he does make statements which, de facto, are untrue ... there is ample prove to that! All he or whoever wishes to, needs to do is for example inquire what is going on at the boarder Rafah/Gaza! I wonder why he didn't hear about the estimated FOUR THOUSAND GAZAN CITIZENS who want nothing more that to GO HOME ... but are not allowed to due to Israel's refusal to open the boarder!
WHY does he not know that these people, sick, old, children, babies, pregnant women, have NOTHING, no place to sleep but the bare ground, no clean water, barely food, no money ... ONLY GROWING DESPAIR! They are stranded without any possibility to move ... the visa to Egypt of many of them is already expired which has as consequence, they are doomed to wait and depend on the mercy of an Israeli government which seemingly couldn't care less!! Does he have ANY idea how cold the nights in Egypt are at this time of the year?? There is NO heating available ... people are in the open 24/7 .. FREEZING!!