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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My New Blog

It was less than a year ago that I had no idea what a blog was. The word was out there somewhere but what I thought a blog was ( an individual journalistic venture only) turned out to be something quite different. At the end of January 2005 I sat down at my computer to see what I could find out about the cartoon contraversy in Denmark. I clicked onto what I thought was an article but it turned out to be a blog, an UBER-Conservative right winged blog called Wizbang. As I looked at what was in front of me, there were many subjects. Since I had logged on to learn about the cartoon contraversy that is the subject I clicked. At the top was the subject and then there were all these "comments". Don't laugh, I thought, "Who are these people and how do they get their opinions on here" I saw the comment box and thought, "Can I write something too?" So I wrote and put in the required information about myself and clicked "post" and VOILA, my words were there on this "new-fandangled thing" called a blog. I was AMAZED! How did that happen? I was just sitting at my computer in my kitchen looking at the screen and wondering, NOW WHAT? Well, it didn't take long before someone responded to me and it also did not take long before posting on Wizbang gave me a blogging ulcer. All I was doing was arguing with bigots and no matter what information I gave them to read they were stuck on stupid. It was in a nutshell, going nowhere.

But don't laugh again, I didn't know there were so many other blogs out there. So I went back to google search and decided to try again. That time I came up with Sabbah's blog where the postings were much more in my own comfort zone. Since I lived in the Middle East and am amicably divorced from a Muslim whom I share my oldest daughter with, my own interests lie in accurate knowledge of the facts coming from the source of the issues itself. One simply cannot understand Middle East issues as presented to them by our own media here in America. The information provided to us here in the States is not only unbalanced, it does NOT listen to what the Middle East is saying themselves, simply, that their problems are THEIR problems and cannot be solved by one-sided ill-informed attempts at diplomacy.

Then it was quite a while before I realized that the names of the posters on Sabbah's blog which were in orange, belonged to people who had their own blogs. What a surprise I thought, this is WONDERFUL. You click on the "orange names" and get to see what they are saying. And THEN, they have sidebar links where you can link to even more. This was UTTERLY amazing to me, so many people talking to each other and sharing information. So many people who got to know each other by blogging. The possibilities are simply endless.

In the meantime, I have been blessed with making friends from around the world that I could have never made without the tool of blogging. I would like to thank these friends for encouraging me during this time to continue posting and ultimately to create my own blog.

My first thank you goes to Haitham Sabbah, who not only taught me how to properly email people (don't laugh again, one year ago, my computer was NOT my friend) but who opened up a world to me which I never knew existed. His inspiration as a blogger himself and the links from his blog have blessed me with many friends. I would like to thank Abed Hamdan, who might not be aware, that it was the links from his blog which have blessed me with two near and dear friends, Karin and Chet. In fact, Karin is here, sitting just a few feet away from me at my kitchen table!! Isn't this a wonderful world, blogging? Thank you Chet for doing all the technical stuff I would have NO clue how to do to create this blog and thank you Karin for being you and helping me to make this first post.

So as of today, December 16, 2006, I enter the world of blogging, not just as a commentor, but as a blogger myself. Stay tuned, there is much more to come, and welcome all to Under the Holly Tree.


Chet said...

Great first post Robin. I too didn't know what a blog was. I have looked at them before and didn't even know what I was looking at. It wasn't until on Yahoo that I seen two bloggers being featured and when I clicked on the link, I was surprised. That is when a light bulb came on and I realized what a blog was. Welcome, I am looking forward to your posts.

Robin said...

Hi Back Chet,
I could NOT have created this blog without your encouragement and technical support. If it weren't for you getting me my blogspot account a few weeks ago I would still be dragging my feet on creating my own blog. And it sure helps too that Karin is here to help me with all the right buttons to click. Stay tuned, because you are the "man" when it comes to helping me in this venture and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I love Munich said...

WOW - GREAT JOB twinsie ... I love the way your new blog looks!
I didn't have any clue about what a blog is either, I hadn't even heard the name before - but this is how times changed!
It is a matter of course that I help as much as I can just the way I was helped (by Chet and Jac) once I got started!
BEST OF LUCK twinsie, I am looking forward to read your posts ... I am sure your blog will take off like a rocket!!

Robin said...

Big hug back big Twinsie. Thank GOODNESS you are here in my "kitchen" to help with this venture. I couldn't possibly understand all these buttons without your help and knowledge. And thanks a million for giving me the nudge (or should I say KICK) to start this blog. Not to mention you and Chet letting me hijack your links. SHUKRAN KHATIR!

M. Shahin said...

Hi Robin,

Welcome to blogosphere! I didn't know what a blog was a year ago either. It has opened up a world of many things since I started my own two blogs in August. I have met so many people from around the world, and formed friendships with those I would never have met without starting the blog.

Karin and Chet are some very wonderful people I have met since blogging too :-)

Thanks for the link :-) I will be checking back periodically. I have lots of favorite blogs but it is hard for me to visit always because I'm very busy. But you will see me pop up every once in a while.

Haitham Sabbah said...

What a pleasant surprise for me to come back from my trip and find your email about your blog. Congratulations, Robin!

I’m honored to be mentioned by you and honored by your continuous support and comments, which you never failed to enrich the conversation of any topic you join.

I’m confident that your blog will be another success and great add to the blogging world that strives for peace and justice for everyone.

All the best and hope to continue seeing you dropping in my blog.

Robin said...

Ahelen M. Shahin,
Shukran Khatir! for coming by to visit. You are ABSOLUTELY right in what you say about blogging, it not only gives you the chance to share knowledge, it opens up a whole new world of friendship. When Chet helped me create this blog he was SO kind to allow me to "hijack" his links to add to my sidebar. Yesterday I was chatting with Chet on Skype and he told me YOUR blog is on my sidebar!! What a welcome surprise because I have not had the time to research all of them with two sick kids and the holidays upon us. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL and what a treasure trove of knowledge about Islam that it is. I am honored that you stopped by and rest assured, I will be visiting you too!!

Robin said...

Ahelen Haitham!!
Shukran Khatir!!!!! for dropping in. So glad you got to "veer right" and visit your family in Amman. Hope you DID get some snorkeling in in Sharm because Karin told me it is absolutely beautiful there.
Of COURSE I mentioned you in my post!! Because it was you who not only taught me SO much about the "facts" and exemplified yourself in blogging, but also opened up a BIG WIDE world to me that is SO wonderful AND helped me with your patience.
I might be starting my own blog but rest assured dear friend, we're all part of the same "kitchen", where all the different ingredients WITH the energy to "keep it cooking" makes for a FINE meal for all to share.
ALWAYS looking forward to YOUR blog Haitham, and I hope EVERYONE who might come here goes over to you too!!!