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Friday, May 21, 2010

Please write to the president of Pratt who is hosting "Moo-Ham-Mud" exhibition

Today I came across an article concerning an art exhibit that is being hosted at the Steuban Gallery at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Read the article HERE about the "Moo-Ham-Mud" exhibit which is beginning next week.

I called the office of the president at Pratt to voice my concerns. His name is President Schutte.
He was not available but I spoke to the receptionist. I told him that I was calling from Los Angeles and as someone who works in interfaith peace and justice I wished to voice my absolute disdain that their institute would be hosting an exhibit such as this. I informed him I am NOT anti-free speech, I am voicing my concern over the nature and the NAME of this exhibit and that I am NOT a Muslim. He asked me to write to the office of the president at Pratt. This is President Schutti's email

I wrote the following:

Dear President Schutti,
Today I came across an article stating that an exhibit named "Moo-Ham-Mud" by Joseph Stulman will be hosted next week in a gallery at your institution

Allow me to state to you that I am not Muslim myself, I am Catholic. Let me state furthermore that I work in interfaith groups in the Los Angeles areas. Let me state also that I have many Muslim friends and family, none of whom have ever supported any sort of violence against past Mohammed cartoons. Violence in action is not why I am writing you. Violence in word and art using the guise of free speech is why I am contacting you. Being a very liberal person myself, I do not wish to stifle free speech. I do however speak out when I see hate speech.

Joseph Stulman's exhibit which Pratt is hosting next week titled "Moo-Ham-Mud" is hate speech. While Congress has failed to pass federal laws concerning hate speech and religion,
any reasonable person seeing the prophet Mohammed's name PBIH distorted in such manner would label the name of this exhibit hateful towards an entire religion, Islam.

Interestingly while doing research prior to writing to you, I found an article penned by Pratt's
chair of the Religious Affairs Committee, Rabbi Simcha Weinstein concerning the recent South Park episode concerning Islam. I found this sentence of the rabbi's very interesting,

Like Islam, Jewish tradition also prohibits the making of graven images. (That’s the Second Commandment, so it’s pretty important.) This explains why synagogues have no pictures of any kind on display.

However, Judaism doesn’t extend that prohibition to non-Jews, or threaten and intimidate those who create images we might find disturbing. Given our contributions to, and reverence for, literature and the arts throughout the ages, and our own rich tradition of satire, that would be a very “un-Jewish” thing to do.

I am now after reading the rabbi's article not inclined to ask you to censor this exhibit due to hate speech. I am inclined to appeal to you on sheer decency. While growing up my mother taught me one thing, the only person you can control is yourself. In your case President Schutte, the buck stops with you as to what is allowed at Pratt Institute. This exhibit titled "Moo-Ham-Mud" is simply indecent. It is inflammatory when inflaming hatred against Muslims is so far reaching in our country. By hosting this exhibit President Schutte you are allowing an endorsement of this and adding in your own contribution.

Again sir, I am not Muslim. I am Catholic and work in interfaith work in my community. While realizing that art is often inflammatory and is not censored, many art institutes in our country have done just that when it concerns banning exhibits because they did not reflect what they wanted to reflect for their own public image. Or, they censored under outside pressure.

My request is for decency on the part of your institution to not host this exhibit next week. Should you not decide to censor, I ask for your own opinion on the merit, the MERIT President Schutti, of an exhibit titled in such manner.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you prior to the scheduled opening of the exhibit next week.
More, Joshua Stulman has been censored before at Penn State. He stated then, "It's not about hate. I don't hate Muslims. This is not about Islam"

That is why Joshua has shown such respect for the prophet Mohammed PBUH in titling this exhibit, "How to paint Moo-Ham-Mud" I take it.

Pratt Institute’s community is one of diversity, which is a hallmark of an urban academic environment. The Institute is committed to the recognition and preservation of each individual’s human rights and does not discriminate or tolerate harassment on the basis of gender, race, color, religion or creed, marital status, age, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, political beliefs, disability, citizenship, genetic information, and national or ethnic origin with respect to the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to all members of its academic community.


Now, there it is in writing, their own policy does not tolerate harassment on the basis of religion. Yet this exhibit titled. "How to Paint Moo-Ham-Mud" is going to open next week.

From what I found, there is a Muslim Student Association at Pratt.


Oh now, here's something really interesting. Joshua Stulman wrote a term paper on narcissism in art

"Narcissism exists in art in the form of arrogance and the characteristic of craving attention."

SO, Joshua SUED Penn State

OOOOH BOY, Joshua has been an active little critter over on a forum I found where he has been posting. First I found THIS where he invites people to his exhibit and still hasn't come back to answer my question (as Holly Tree) to his statement, "So to make a remark that the exhibit is anti-Muslim makes no sense whatsoever"

But lets go looking for what ELSE Joshua has written in this forum concerning Islam (there are several posts there) He wrote in a thread concerning the painting of Mohammed

"Thanks for the comments. FYI if anyone wants to know where NOT to be, don't be in Brooklyn in May or anywhere near the Pratt Institute"

OH, here's some really interesting posting by Joshua. He got really hot when someone said something crude concerning Jews controlling Hollywood. Just go ahead and read this thread to see Joshua's reaction. "Clam" was the one who wrote the remark and then claimed it was a joke. Well THEN Joshua wrote: (His screen name is



Just don't make the joke, it's not funny and quite tasteless.
I have no need to quarrel with you over this anymore, i just hope you will pay more attention to what you write. This is a community and not a private conversation.

BTW I haven't seen the Joe movie and i'm a big time joe collector because it looked like a waste (same as TF2), if i see it at one of those supermarket 1.00 rentals, then maybe.


OH REALLY JOSHUA!!!! And what is titling your "exhibit" "How to Paint Moo-Ham-Mud" and then writing in this forum to people where NOT to be when your exhibit is showing, anywhere near the Pratt Institute.

And IF the administration says anything to you about this, what are you going to do? Sue them?

Joshua Stulman, you are nothing but a little twirp hiding behind your "free speech" rights to provoke, by your own term paper, a NARCISSIST. Twirp Joshua, a racist provocative TWIRP!

And now Pratt Institute, he's YOURS.

OOH Joshua is conversing with me over HERE

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