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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Full Moon Over Yemeni President As He Hosts Abbas

How does one even begin to explain Yemen's president's statement concerning Mahmud Abbas's visit there today? Searching for answers, knowing that certainly there are newspapers and Satellite television in Yemen, I can only come up with one possibility. It's the full moon today! How can anyone in their right mind congratulate Abbas's efforts in achieving Palestinian unity after the PA acquiesced on defering the vote on the Goldstone report? Has Yemen's president been holed up somewhere and is unaware? God, I hope so, because this statement is something out of the Twilight Zone:

"He congratulated efforts exerted to bring together Fatah and Hamas, noting that this move serves the Palestinians issue and their legitimate struggle to gain their rights".

In more full moon news, the National is reporting that Egypt is hoping to schedule Palestinian national unity talks for later this month.

And the beat goes on as Abbas peddles his wares to willing hosts as all hell breaks loose just as Israel desires.

Palestinian fury as Abbas stalls Israeli war crimes vote

Published Date: 05 October 2009
By Ben Lynfield in Jerusalem
PALESTINIAN president Mahmoud Abbas is facing a wave of anger from his own people after foiling a United Nations resolution that would have brought Israeli officials closer to prosecution for alleged crimes during last winter's Gaza war.
Critics say it is one of the worst blunders Mr Abbas has made during his four-year term.

"Many people here believe it's treason," said Iyad Sarraj, director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme in Gaza City. Gaza is still reeling from

Israel's Operation Cast Lead last winter that left almost 1,400 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians.

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