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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Christians" Kill Child "Witches" Don't They?

In a disturbing article from the AP, a report is coming out of Nigeria that "Evangelical Christian" churches there are abusing and in some cases killing children who have been accused of witchcraft. Read that full article HERE.

Evidently the article states there is a California connection:

Nwanaokwo said he knew the pastor who accused him only as Pastor King. Mount Zion Lighthouse in Nigeria at first confirmed that a Pastor King worked for them, then denied that they knew any such person.

Bishop A.D. Ayakndue, the head of the church in Nigeria, said pastors were encouraged to pray about witchcraft, but not to abuse children.

"We pray over that problem (of witchcraft) very powerfully," he said. "But we can never hurt a child."

The Nigerian church is a branch of a Californian church by the same name. But the California church says it lost touch with its Nigerian offshoots several years ago.

"I had no idea," said church elder Carrie King by phone from Tracy, California. "I knew people believed in witchcraft over there but we believe in the power of prayer, not physically harming people."

However, when you go to the website for Mount Zion Full Gospel Church in Lagos, they state they are associated with The House of Prayer of All Nations USA.

I wouldn't want to point a finger at the wrong "House of Prayer for All Nations, USA"

If anyone reading here knows which one it is, could you leave the information here please.

Remember Bishop Thomas Murthee, the African Evangelical leader from Kenya who cast demons out of Sarah Palin? (Video HERE)

"Christian" whack jobs. Whether it be a "California" connection or any other state, there is a STRONG connection to what is going on in these witch hunts in Africa to what goes on in these "Evangelical" churches here.

Child witch victims in Nigeria

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