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Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Chronicles of a Refugee" Available Now!

The long-awaited documentary, Chronicles of a Refugee, is now ready for purchase from the Palestine Online store or the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. This six-part series on the global Palestinian experience of displacement since Israel's foundation is one of the most important documentaries about Palestinians to come out in some time. Why? It presents the actual, unfiltered voices of the refugees themselves. Too often, they are cast aside in political discourse, treated as an object of analysis or a rightsless piece of some peace puzzle. This series by Aseel Mansour, Adam Shapiro, and Perla Issa is a must-see. (hat tip to Kabob Fest)

Preview of the forthcoming documentary film series, "Chronicles of a Refugee" - a 6-part series about Palestinian refugees all over the world. Starting with the Nakba of 1948 and continuing through the various experiences over 60 years, the film series seeks to probe and generate debate concerning strategies for achieving Palestinian rights.

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