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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anaheim Protest Against the Carnage in Gaza

Several hundred people gathered today on Brookhurst St. to protest the worst carnage Gaza has experienced at the hands of Israel in 40 years. Over 300 dead thus far with no end in sight, IOF troops massing at the borders, naval shelling, air raids.

Tuesday at 4:30 another protest is planned in Beverly Hills in front of the Israeli consulate.

When I returned home, googling news, I read that the Gaza Islamic University had been destroyed. What is going to happen between now and Tuesday, two days from now, because even as I am writing the bombardment is still going on.

Sorry, but I can't find the words for this, because horror has no name, only screams, blood and death.

There would have been many more pictures but my daughter's camera's memory flashed full.

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