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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Israel Closes Down Hebron Orhanage and Steals SEWING MACHINES!

Another Hebron Raid Further Puts Orphans at Risk

At 1:00 AM this morning, Israeli Defense Forces soldiers raided the Hebron Girls’ Orphanage, and confiscated more than $45,000 of sewing machines, supplies, finished clothing and office equipment from the building’s workshop, leaving behind nothing but a bare floor. This heavy-handed operation destroyed the means by which these orphans are supported and eliminated much needed jobs for local residents. This invasion of security and livelihood is a continuation of recent operations to commandeer all the assets of the Islamic Charitable Society, a group Israel claims has connections with Hamas but has yet to offer proof.

As President Jimmy Carter wrote on April 24th, “The Islamic Charitable Society has been serving the needs of the poor in Hebron since 1962, and should be allowed to continue their good work.” Both President Carter and Luisa Morgantini, Vice President of the European Union, have issued statements condemning these operations that harm society’s most vulnerable population.


Members of Christian Peacemaker Teams and other internationals from Belgium, Britain, Canada, Germany, Holland, Scotland and the United States have been sleeping in the orphanage to try to protect the children living above the workshop. Their presence did not prevent the army’s raid but they have documented the attack. Please visit for Christian Peacemaker Teams’ pictures of the raid and a list of whom to contact to raise your voice against this ongoing tragedy.

Source WRMEA Alert.

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