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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hootenany "Christians" for Israel

Anyone reading here will know if he is a regular reader my LOW opinion of the WHACKO "Christian" minister John Hagee and his organization "Christians" United for Israel.

THIS article tells you that Hagee and several other CUFI members are currently in Israel. Opening paragraph:

ARIEL, West Bank (AFP) — The speakers throbbed as teenage girls in buckskin fringe and cowboy hats danced a hoedown in an occupied West Bank gym packed with American evangelicals keen to show support for Israel.

If this organization wasn't so dangerous they would ONLY be absurd. Enjoy the video, these hootenany "Christians" are Israel's BEST friends.

Hava Nagila Texas Style (Featuring Juan & Pancho) (This is not from the "celebration" in Ariel, this is from one of CUFI's "Nights for Israel)

Please God, can someone please tell me I am NOT originally from Texas!

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