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Friday, June 25, 2010

Zionist Occupier Dances Around Handcuffed, Blindfolded Palestinian Woman


Don Emmerich said...

Absolutely disgusting. Nothing else to say. Just disgusting.

Don Emmerich said...

But on a happier note, I certainly like the music you have playing here. I've never heard of Fairuz, but she has an amazing voice.

Robin said...

Hi Don,
You've never heard of Fairuz? She's Lebanese and has been around for a LONG time Watch this video, the theme song from "Mais Elreem" (The Deer's Meadow", Beirut 1975, I saw her perform this musical in April 1975 in Beirut before she stopped singing in Lebanon as her country slid into many years of civil war. She is magical

Well, yes, that video is VILE. And you're right, there is nothing much to say about it other than that.