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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catholic Diocese in Dominican Republic Leased "Hotel" to Laura Silsby

Sometimes the irony is so thick it makes your head spin. As Central Valley Church in Idaho professed their "team" going to Haiti to set up their "new ministry opportunity" in their published news letter, the Catholic Diocese of the Dominican Republic leased their own facility to Laura Silsby to house her "orphans". Mind you, while Haiti is 85% Christian, the largest denomination being Catholic, Drew Culberth was praying because people were dying and going to hell! While most Haitians are Catholic, the "national religion" of Haiti is Voodoo. Most voodooists believe that their religion can coexist with Catholicism. Most Protestants, however, strongly oppose voodoo. Gotta' go save those HEATHENS.

So with Central Valley Baptist taking the donations in through their church tax exempt account to support the "temporary orphanage in Cabarete" and their "Dominican Republic response team" the members of the "team" snatched children from Haiti who would become their "new ministry opportunity". Meanwhile, the Catholic diocese in the Domincan Republic leased them their property for six months for ther "temporary orphanage" Full circle. Would have been pretty darn interesting arrangement if it had panned out!

With the call from Central Valley Church going out sometime before January 22 stating $10,000 had already been raised and an imediate $2000 more was needed, just how much money was going to have to continue to be raised constantly to sustain this "new ministry opportunity" with $7,000 per month needed for rent for the temporary facility alone? Needless to say, the permanent New Life Children Refuge facility was also supposed to be constructed during this time. What kind of pipe dream was this endeavor that involved scouring the streets of Haiti for orphans to fulfill their "call from God"? Did anyone ever sit down and lay the financials out? Or was prayer supposed to constantly be their source of success?

If you read Spanish, the article is HERE (hat tip to "Joe" at Baby Love Child) Here is the article run through Google translate.

Bishop leased to local missionary group
Manuel Gilbert - 2/6/2010
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The Education and Training Center in Cabarete that was leased to house the 33 children orphaned in Haiti.

Cabarete, Puerto Plata .- The diocese's vicar general of Puerto Plata in the Catholic Church, Francisco Hernandez Rodriguez, said Thursday that Bishop Julio César Amaro Corniel leased for six months, forty-five rooms of Education and Training Center located in the town of Cabarete on the northern province of Puerto Plata to the organization New Life Children's Refuge.

When questioned by telephone, the priest told Listin Diario that the property where until 2006 ran a three-star hotel, was converted into a school where he taught technical courses and language classes to economically disadvantaged youth and a retreat for church staff members of the Catholic flock in the country of diverse peoples. Both the school as the withdrawal are operated by the Innovation Foundation.

Similarly, the priest has revealed that Rodriguez Hernandez reports indicating that Mrs. Laura Silsby, head of the group of Americans arrested in Haiti on Saturday while riding in a bus with 33 Haitian children, aged two months and 12 years, bought land in the hamlet of Yagua Magante section of the town of Gaspar Hernandez, Espaillat province.

The link between Lavonne Laura Silsby and Bishop Julio César Corniel Amaro, was the independent estate agent, Jose Hidalgo, who said he was looking for several days in Cabarete suitable facilities to house the 33 infants, but under that there's rents are quite expensive, they resorted to the prelate who rented part of the facilities of the Center for Education and Training.

The property seller stated that the main principles of the Catholic Church hierarch of the Diocese Gaspar Hernandez, Joba Arriba, JAMA, Pedro Garcia and Puerto Plata, objected to rent the premises, under the pretext that was used for manufactured Training Center and the hotel to retreat, but to say they had the urgency of finding a place to house orphans and destitute children of Haiti, the priest agreed to rent for six months in forty-five rooms for a total of $ 7,000.00 per month.

Hill reported that after agreeing with the bishop Corniel Amaro sought the American volunteers, who accepted the premises and immediately entrusted to one of them, experts in disasters, to make a list of arrangements had to be done to leased facilities to ensure the safety of children would be housed there, including the stairs, doors and allotted an area for recreation of children.

To add, reading the Spanish article, the facility that Silsby leased is called
Centro de Capacitación in Cabarete. Noting that they teach language classes, and googling the Spanish name, I came up with this forum which mentions the Centro de Capacitación: "There are classes in Spanish available for English speakers at the Centro de Capacitación located in the old Costa Liza Hotel. I am not that familiar with Cabarete and do not know how close that would be to your resort."

View tourist sites for Costa Liza Hotel (in German, so run them through Google language tool)

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