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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Child Devolopment 101 Simple Question

If you have visited here recently you might have read that I've gone back to school to take Child Development courses to get my Pre-school certification. Our professor sets up scenarios all the time and tonight asked us to set up our own multiple choice question for class next week concerning discipline. So, I thought I'd share mine here.

A very SIMPLE question, Child Development 101, what do you do with a toddler who
keeps doing what you have supposedly asked him not to do? Lets say he keeps
getting in the paint bucket and graffitis the facade of your condo over and over again. You are telling him you want him to stop, but thus far your "discipline" has been utterly non-effective. It just might be that the toddler doesn't really think you mean what you have said because you haven't exactly been consistent in your "discipline". Choose the option below which you think is best.

A. Continue telling him every so often, "No no, don't do that, paint isn't for the facade of our house honey". Leave the paint up there because your toddler is just SO cute and you've figured out what a rascal he is. You might even leave a little
graffiti note along side his paint job saying what a rascal he is!

B. Remove the paint from the facade of the house, remove the bucket of paint so
he can't do it again.

C. Just ignore it because you are too busy to bother. Maybe he will grow out of it, but then again, maybe not. It's so hard to keep your eye on a toddler! Why is it that people expect SO much out of parents these days?

D. Kick back and enjoy it. Tell your toddler you know he's just showing you how much he loves you. Granted, it isn't very nice behavior and he seems to be addicted to it. You COULD always tell the toddler that you hope he doesn't grow up continuing bad addictive behavior like Michael Jackson. For good measure,you could maybe blast the song "Beat It" out your front door but secretly you hope he moonwalks while he keeps on "painting".

Child Development 101, which option do you think would be the most effective choice?
When making your decision you SHOULD keep the homeowner's association in mind, because you are leasing from them and they have even posted a little sign in the office giving directions to your condo because they think it is so nice.

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