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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Note About Accepting Facebook Friends

My guard was down. I received an email on the email linked to this blog asking me to become a friend on Facebook. Silly me, I assumed this person found me through another Facebook friend. WRONG, I actually found the person though myself and friend requested him because he didn't respond to my email back trying to connect. So, he accepted, LUCKILY I was online at the time the friend acceptance came and clicked on where I hadn't been able to see before for who I assumed was a friend of a friend. OK, when someone posts their most admired people as Osama Bin Ladin, Zawahiri etal you know there is something OFF and they certainly didn't find you through a friend because NO ONE you know or care to ever meet admires OBL!

So short note, if anyone from Palestine blogs etc receives a friend request from Sameh Salah DO NOT ACCEPT, the guy is a WHACK JOB and his email is " class="cgSelectable">

Bye BYE Sameh Salah, do NOT come back creepazoid. Apologies to any others on Facebook with the same name, you can differentiate by the email.

Have a nice day!

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