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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bush Protected From "Eye Contact" With "External Elements" While at the Knesset?

This is just truly amazing. Inquiring minds want to know, WHAT or WHO are the "external elements" which Bush shouldn't have eye contact with? WEIRD!

US Secret Service 'raids' Israeli Knesset

A contingent of 30 US Secret Service agents meticulously inspected security arrangements at Israel's Knesset this week in preparation for the upcoming visit of President George W. Bush.

Israel's Ynet news portal reported that the Secret Service insisted that Israel put up a special fence around the Knesset to prevent eye contact between Bush and external elements.

All of the other security arrangement were apparently deemed suitable by the American agents.

Bush is scheduled to arrive in Israel on May 15 to take part in events marking the 60th anniversary of the Jewish state's rebirth, including an address to the Knesset.


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